Bally Wulff slots

As you know, Germans have a reputation for building the most efficient things, ranging from cars to excellent football teams. As such, looking at the phenomenal job of Bally Wulff, it should come as no surprise that it has permeated into the sector of online gaming. With its initial launching in the year 1950, it began as a small-scale manufacturing company of entertainment as well as gaming machines. However, in 1972, the American-based distribution firm known as the Bally Manufacturing company purchased the original Gunter Wulff company. It is upon this purchase that it achieved its current title, after which, a plethora of accomplished milestones came along with the new changes. For instance, sales amounting to 10,000 Rototron gaming machines which were the first ever produced laser beam games. In the last decade, the company's ownership lies with the SCHMIDT Group (the leading Arcade operator in Germany), with its head office in Berlin. Furthermore, it has 12 customer support centers, a staff of over 250 members and a product line comprising pool, table football, game parlor furniture.